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10 Best Indian Horror Web Series to Watch in Hindi ( 2020 )

Watching the Web Series is the new trend of the modern generation, where the Web Series services like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. are one of the top in the Indian Web market. Before 2019 it was really hard to find the thriller / horror Web Series on the web a common genre but from 2019 we can see the horror web Series trend to be on the top and a lot of Web Series came out from 2019-20 to be a horror Web Series. If you are also seeking to watch out for some Best Indian horror web Series then you are at the right place. Here you will get 10 Best Indian horror Web series to watch out now.

These horror web Series will give you the best thriller feeling if you watch out the series in Night With Lights off in a full dark room. So get ready with you popcorn and get started watching these thrilling Web Series.

10.Ragini MMS Returns

Ragini MMS returns is an ALt Balaji’s erotic horror web series. The story is revolved around the Simran and ragaini’s life, which is centered around haunted activities of a deserted collage and around a scandalous MMS CD which have thrilling mystery behind it. The season 1 of the Web Series was released in 2017-18 and the second Season of the ragini MMS returns horror Web Series is released in December 2019. Both the seasons are available on ALt balaji.

09. Shaitan Haveli

Shaitan Haveli is a horror Comedy Indian Web Series which has lower horror than comedy. This series is centred around the shooting of a Horror movie, where a B Garda horror film shooter / Director whose almost all the film has been gone flop went to a haunted destination for the shoot of his next horror film whereas they found the place is actually haunted and the crew has go through a lot thrilling hardships in the Indian horror web series which a available on Amazon Prime with a total of 8 episodes,

08. Booo Sabki Phategi

Booo  Web Series is also an Horror Comedy Drama Web Series in which the level of comedy is higher than horror. Whereas the plot of the story is interesting. The story follows a boy named Manav and his friends who stay in an Isolated restaurant. Where all of the friends go dead and turn into zombies one-by-one. Manav the lead character which has been acted by tushar Kapoor seems to be Innocent but he has a mysterious side in this Indian horror Web series. This one of the best indian horror Web Series can be enjoyed on ALtBalaji App.

07. Tantra

Tantra itself means black magic and this supernatural horror Web Series is even based on black magic. The story follows the time of the 90s.  Tantra is the story of Khanna Family who went to live in their dream house and at that dream place they become the victim of a black magic’s conspiracy. The Series will show you how a Woman kills her own family with the help of Tantra just because of Jealousy. This Indian horror Web Series is available on MX Player.

06. DARR Sabko Lagta Hai

This Series is an Indian anthology horror fiction Web Series which was started to be broadcast on TV from 1 october 2015 and New Episodes were released every weekend. This Series covers varieties of paranormal activities in it’s episodes. As it’s an Anthology Series so you can enjoy a different thrilling story in each episode. The Series is available with it’s two seasons in which 26 and 23 episodes are available in each season respectively on Netflix.

05. Parchayee – Ghost Stories by Ruskin Bond

Parchayee is an anthology horror Web Series which is based upon the horror stories written by the famous writer Ruskin Bond. This Series Will give you an Classical feel with it’s 70s and 80s shoot. All the Stories in the Series are written accordingly to the children, So you can enjoy the series freely with your Family. The Indian horror Web  Series Will present you a new thrilling story in each Episode. The Series is available with it’s 12 episodes on ZEE5.


Bhram is a psychological horror Web Series in which a protagonist crosses all the extremes to know a long forgotten truth, those truths turn the story in a new way. The series is a full package of horror, suspense and thrill with a fully interesting story. This Indian horror Web Series is available with 8 episodes on ZEE5.

03. GHOUL 

Ghoul is a horror mini series which is based upon a monster of Arabic folklore. This Series is the second Indian Netflix Original after Sacred Games. The Series has an interesting story where a mysterious prison is Brought in a remote military camp for interrogation, but the prisoner had some supernatural power by which he calls a monster from Arabic folklore and the monster starts killing all the people. This Series has 3 episodes only that’s why it’s a mini series and referred as a treat for horror entertainment lovers. This horror Web Series is available to watch on Netflix.


Gehraiyaan is a romantic horror Web Series which is based upon a girl who is haunted due to one of her past demons. Rayna is a surgeon who came back to her work after a year of break whereas her superiors feel that her bad past may affect her work. The Story Will have a full suspense about the past of Rayna and will make you think of her past situations. This horror Web Series is one of the Best Series which you can;t miss out to watch. This Original Web Series has 10 Episodes which is available to watch on VIU App.


TypeWriter is a horror drama Series which has been directed by the famous director Sujoy Ghosh, whose plot is different from all the other horror shows and Series available on  the Web. The Story is centered around a book which is found in a haunted house of Goa. The Story follows some friends who are crazy about ghosts and wanted to catch ghosts. They were keen about a spooky looking house which they have seen and suspected that the house is haunted and they can find a ghost of catch out in that house. The Series have a Unique concept of horror and thrill. The Series Season 1 has 5 Episodes which are available to watch on Netflix.

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