Best Hindi Web Series of 2020 to watch

Top 10 Best Hindi Web Series to Watch out Now

Web Series is the new trend of the modern generation and a lot of youngsters are crazy about watching the online series on the web. In the modern Indian market of Web Series Netflix, Amazon Prime leads the market of web Series. If you are one of those Crazy persons and Wanna to know some Best Hindi Web Series which you can watch out in 2020, then you can follow this article where we share the top 10 best hindi Web Series to watch on the online series platforms. 

10 Best Hindi Web Series to Watch out Now

10. Operation MBBS 

Operation MBBS is a free Web Series which is available on Dice Media on YouTube Channel. The Series will show you the lifestyle of the students of the MBBS College where they cope up with stress and pressure and on the other side also have equal fun. The Series is one of the Best Hindi Web Series Which you can watch out for in 2020.

09.  Never Kiss your Best Friend

Never Kiss your Best Friend Web Series is basically based on Friendship Drama. The Title of the series is correctly named as “Never Kiss Your Best Friend” as the series is actually based on the same, Where by kissing a best friend one can lose his one of the friends. The Best Hindi Web Series is available with 10 episodes on ZEE5.

08. MentalHood

Mental Hood Web Series is based upon motherhood and shows the variety of natures of the mothers and focuses on their best efforts for their children’s upbringing. So if you are a mother then you should not miss this Web Series. The Best Hindi Series is available with 10 episodes on Altbalaji & ZEE5.

07. It happened in Calcutta

It happened in Calcutta Web Series is an interesting romantic drama series which set in the time span of 1960s and 1970s. The interesting touch is provided by this setted time span only because the series has set it to be so real. The plot of the series is based upon the romantic touch between the hero and heroine of the series where the hero of the series used to be one of the most handsome guys of the School and on the other hand the heroine is the only girl in their class and is sensior towards her studies. The most interesting romantic drama series is available with it’s 10 episodes on ZEE5.

06. Code M

Code M Web Series is a Drama Web series which is based upon a case alloted to the Indian Army Lawyer Moini Mehra. The case took some turning points where she found a lot of conspiracy by the army and now she has to decide and prove whether the Army was wrong or those who had been encountered. You Will Enjoy the investigation and crime thrillers of the Series. The Best Hindi Web Series is available with it’s 8 episodes on Altbalaji & ZEE5.

05. Bhaukaal

Bhaukaal Web Series is a Crime Drama Series which is growing popular day by day. The Series is Inspired by the true life of an IPS naveen sikhera. The plot of the series is based upon naveen who is posted to an area where the crime is at its ultimate level due to two gangs in the same area who are working on the east and west side of the area. The Mission of naveen is to stop these gang wars in the area. The Indian Web Series is available with its 10 episodes on MX Player.

04. The Forgotten Army Azadi ke Liye

The Forgotten Army Azadi ke Liye is a Hindi Drama Mini Web Series which shows true events related to the subhash chandra bose’s Indian national Army. The Delhi Chalo movement is the main focus of the Web Series and a small touch of romantic story may amaze you in this Web Series. The Best Web Series is available with it’s 5 episodes on Amazon Prime.

03. Asur 

Asur is a Crime thriller Drama Series. No one has words to explain this amazing Series after its releasing. This is one of the best and must watch series, which will leave a lot of the tricky questions in your mind when you will be ending up watching this amazing series. The Indian Series is available in 8 episodes on Voot App

02. State of Siege 

State of Siege Series is based upon a terrorist attack on Mumbai in November 2008. The Series presents you a detailed view about that dark day and shows how the Security forces saved a lot of lives . The Best Hindi Web Series is available with it’s 8 episodes on ZEE5.

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01. Special OPS 

Special OPS is an indians web series which has been directed by Neeraj Pandey. The plot of the series follows a RAW agent who works on the case of the parliament attack of 2001 and struggles to find out the sixth terrorist of that attack. The Web Series is available with it’s 8 episodes on HotStar.

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